Patriotic Fathers Day Shirts

Patriotic Fathers Day Shirts

Father's Day is a great opportunity to honor fatherhood, respect, and admiration for one of the individuals who has shaped your life the most. Patriot Crew is proud to bring you patriotic Fathers Day shirts. Every patriotic dad will love this gift. 

Here's some of our most popular options. 

Whiskey, Steak, Guns, & Freedom

What dad doesn't love a little whiskey, steak, guns, & freedom in their life? This shirt is perfect for Dad. He'll wear it grilling, out on the lake, or while doing the lawn. A great conversation starter, this shirt will become a regular shirt in his wardrobe. 

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Beer, Bacon, & Freedom

Maybe Dad is more of a beer and bacon guy? This is the perfect compliment to Whiskey, Steak, Guns, & Freedom. 

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'Merica is for the 2A loving, patriotic dad in your life. This clean, simple shirt gets the point across in a subtle way. 

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Another clean, simple design, this is a shirt that will improve any dad's wardrobe. A soft, versatile shirt, this will be one that he truly remembers. 

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Ready to make Dad's day? 

There's truly no better way to celebrate Father's Day than a shirt from Patriot Crew. See all of the shirts that we offer here. Dad truly won't forget this gift.