Instagram Stories for Ambassadors

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Looking to be a part of the Patriot Crew? Now you can with our Ambassador/Creator Program!

At this time, we are only accepting Ambassadors with 3000+ followers.

With our influencer program, we will send you a box of Patriot Crew merchandise and will have you (The Creator) create some User Generated Content (pictures, videos, etc.) for us.

Once we receive your creatives, we will then request for you to whitelist us to run ads with your creatives, through your Instagram page!

Read below for more details on how it works!




After you complete your signup for our Ambassador/Creator Program, we will send you a box of Patriot Crew merchandise.

Upon receiving your products, we'll have you provide us with several images (creatives) of you wearing our products.

  • 2 Pictures of Each Item In A Lifestyle Photo
  • 3 Instagram Boomerangs(take these via Instagram Boomerang, save to phone, and upload to your file)


Influencer Photo


Image Requirements:

  • Each image must be taken on a high-quality, or professional camera such as the latest iPhone/Android models
  • The design of the product must be readable and used as the main focus of the image


We will then use those creatives as ads, and run them directly through your Facebook and Instagram pages.




Click the button below to sign up for our Ambassador program.

All submissions will be reviewed within 48 business hours.


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