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Patriotic Shorts

Show your stripes and stay cool with our patriotic shorts - perfect for the American summer. Whether you’re working out or running around town, these shorts are softer than a snowflake and are sure to keep you comfortable!

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Round Out Your American Look With Our Comfortable, Stylish Patriotic Shorts!

To be a patriot is to weave the nation’s values into the fabric of everyday life, standing firm against the winds of change that threaten to erode our society’s foundations. 

In these times, showcasing patriotism isn’t just a choice but a statement, a return to the roots of what makes this country extraordinary. It’s more important than ever.

Our Patriot Crew shorts are a conversation starter, a piece of your patriot identity. Slip into a pair of our comfortable, stylish shorts, adorned with the American flag and our logo, and make your stance known.

“Quality is amazing. Love supporting American-made brands. I’ll definitely order some more gear!!” - Jack

“Every time I order from Patriot Crew, the customer service blows me away.” - Miguel

“Already got multiple people stop and ask me where I got it. Very soft, fits true to size, and got delivered in 4 days. Thank you guys!” - Jason

What Makes Our Patriotic Shorts a Must-Have for Any American?

Patriot Crew embodies the heart of America’s resilience and dedication to the nation's core values. Our mission is simple yet profound: to provide apparel that honors the past, represents the present, and inspires the future of patriotism. 

Our shorts echo this sentiment, crafted with an 80% cotton and 20% polyester blend for maximum comfort and durability. With a soft fleece interior, tagless design, and a relaxed fit, they're perfect for any setting - from backyard barbecues to relaxing weekend getaways. 

Available in black camo, classic black, or military green, our shorts offer versatility and style. Opt for a single pair or embrace the full spirit of freedom with a three-pack to save and showcase your pride in every hue. 

Every detail, from the elastic waistband with a drawcord for the perfect fit to the practical back pocket and hand pockets, is designed with the patriot in mind. Our shorts are a staple for anyone who values comfort without compromising on their principles.

See What You’ve Been Missing Out on by Ordering Yours Today!

Don’t let another day pass without ensuring your wardrobe reflects the true American spirit. Patriot Crew’s Patriotic Shorts are an emblem of comfort, style, and national pride. Whether you're engaged in active leisure or simply enjoying the freedom of relaxation, our shorts are tailored to fit the true American lifestyle.

We have so many other types of women’s and men’s patriotic clothing to complete your look, though. If you don’t already own some, our patriotic shirts are to die for. You can browse our punchy 2nd amendment shirts, anti-corruption shirts, patriotic graphic tees, long sleeve patriotic shirts, or political t-shirts.

But, we also have patriotic hoodies, patriotic hats & patriotic beanies, patriotic women's tops, 2nd amendment clothing, and much, much more. We’re your one-stop shop for all things patriotic apparel.

Embrace the essence of patriotism with every wear and take a stand for the values that define us. Order your new favorite pair of patriotic shorts now, or better yet, get the three-pack and solidify your status as a proud patriot every day of the week. 

Join the ranks of the free and the brave; choose Patriot Crew for your patriotic apparel.

Fleece Shorts
Fleece Shorts
Sale priceFrom $39.99
Variety Fleece Shorts (3 Pack)
Variety Fleece Shorts (3 Pack)
Sale priceFrom $99.99 Regular price$119.97
Fleece Shorts (3 Pack)
Fleece Shorts (3 Pack)
Sale priceFrom $99.99 Regular price$119.97