Pro 2A Shirts From Patriot Crew

Pro 2A Shirts From Patriot Crew

A Patriot Crew, we are fans of freedom and that includes the right to exercise the Second Amendment.

Unfortunately, this freedom has come under attack recently. Now, more than ever, it’s important to show your support for the Second Amendment and promote responsible gun ownership to Americans.

To properly show off your passion for firearms, we created the following shirts.

Whiskey, Steak, Guns and Freedom

pro 2a shirts whiskey steak guns and freedom

Who doesn’t love these four things? The shirt isn’t too and your face, it’s a little funny, and I can strike up a great conversation with a stranger. Who doesn’t love a little whiskey a little steak and lots of freedom. Guns or just a nice piece to that to share love for America.

Buy Whiskey, Steak, Guns, and Freedom here

Come And Take It

pro 2a shirts come and take it


In 1835, the "Come And Take It" flag was flown at the Battle of Gonzales. The battle was the first of the Texas Revolution.

Since then, the flag has morphed into a symbol of freedom from restriction by governments and other authorities. It's become a symbol of unity for the pro 2A community as well. 

We've modified the concept specifically for 2A supporters. You can purchase our "Come And Take It" shirt here

Don't Tread On Me

pro 2a shirts dont tread on me


The Gadsen flag is named after Christopher Gadsen, who designed the flag prior to the American Revolution. 

Presently, this flag is used as a symbol for gun rights. Show your support by purchasing "Don't Tread On Me" here.

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