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2nd Amendment Clothing

Assert your liberties with every layer you wear through our 2nd amendment clothing. Embrace the essence of the 2nd amendment and the pillar of American freedom at Patriot Crew!

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Celebrate Your Right to Bear Arms With Our 2nd Amendment Clothing!

The Second Amendment stands as a cornerstone of American liberty. It's not a cultural bastion against the tides of tyranny, guarding the right that ensures all others. 

Yet, this pivotal freedom faces challenges every day. It’s not merely about the right to bear arms but the profound significance of autonomy and self-preservation. 

In the fabric of our 2nd Amendment clothing lies a statement, a stand, a declaration. With Patriot Crew, wrap yourself in the ethos of this fundamental right. Celebrate your freedom and don your beliefs with our collection.

“I really like them so far. Soft, fit is good & comfortable. Going to wait a little bit to see how they hold up, if they hold up I will be ordering more.” - Darren

“Fit perfectly, and super comfortable.” - Ricardo

“Great shirt and quality! The first night I wore it I couldn't believe how many compliments I got on the shirt. Apparently, everybody loves freedom!” - Derrick

Why Shop With Patriot Crew?

Patriot Crew is a symbol of commitment to the values that built this great nation. Each item in our 2nd Amendment collection, from the “Whiskey, Steak, Guns, & Freedom T-Shirt” to the assertive “LIFT HEAVY. SHOOT GUNS. T-Shirt,” is a tribute to the liberties we hold dear. 

We design clothing for the thinking patriots - those who understand that rights come with responsibilities. Our “THE PEOPLE'S FLAG; NOT THE GOVERNMENT'S T-Shirt” is a testament to this very belief. 

Made with a comfortable blend of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, our tagless, itch-free designs offer a reliable fit for both men and women. And should the fit not meet your expectations, our 30-day return policy for refund, store credit, or size exchange stands firm. 

Our mission resonates through each garment, echoing the call for freedom and the advocacy for those who defend it. 

So, why not join a community of like-minded individuals who recognize the significance of our 2nd amendment right? Treat yourself or a loved one to high-quality 2A clothing today!

Treat Yourself or a Loved One to the Best 2nd Amendment Clothing Today!

Reaffirm your stance on the Second Amendment with apparel that speaks volumes. Patriot Crew merges comfort with conviction, ensuring that your right to express and bear arms is worn with unabashed pride.

We don’t just have 2nd amendment shirts, though. You can browse other patriotic clothing we have in store for you like our anti-corruption shirts, political t-shirts, patriotic graphic tees, long sleeve patriotic shirts, and many other patriotic shirts!

Beyond our world-famous t-shirts, you gain access to patriotic hoodies, patriotic hats, patriotic shorts, patriotic beanies, and a whole lot more. We’re your trusted choice for all things men’s patriotic clothing and patriotic women's tops.

Shop the collection that stands for freedom, honors our heritage, and supports the values of the Republic. Join the ranks of the free and the brave. Choose Patriot Crew for your 2nd Amendment clothing and make a statement with what you wear.

Whiskey, Steak, Guns, & Freedom T-Shirt
Lift Heavy. Shoot Guns. T-Shirt
Lift Heavy. Shoot Guns. T-Shirt
Sale priceFrom $29.99
The People's Flag; Not The Government's T-Shirt
Wine, Cheese, Guns, & Freedom Cropped Hoodie
Wine, Cheese, Guns, & Freedom Cropped Hoodie
Sale priceFrom $27.50 Regular price$54.99
Sold out
Wine, Cheese, Guns, & Freedom - Women's V-Neck
Wine, Cheese, Guns, & Freedom - Women's V-Neck
Sale priceFrom $15.00 Regular price$29.99